Hereford Zone Robotics Invites S3 Vex IQ Teams to Scrimmage

With the Vex IQ World Championship less than a week away, the teams of Hereford Middle School invited the Super Sonic Sparks to a friendly scrimmage on Tuesday, 18-Apr-2017.  It was the last opportunity for the teams to sharpen their skills before traveling to Louisville, KY to compete from Sunday, 23-Apr through Tuesday, 25-Apr.

We’re grateful for the invitation and for the warm hospitality of our friends at Hereford.  A special thanks to the mentors at Hereford – Chris Putnam and Shane Stoe – for coordinating the event.

All the best at Worlds to 929B and 929J!



[The lads of 24K with team members from 929J and 929B]



[Evan of 24P with the lads of 929B]

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